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“All these guys wanted to be remembered,” photographer Jeff Gusky told the Associated Press.

Have you ever given serious thought as to how you will be remembered? How will people measure your life? What kind of an impression or impact will you have made on others?

“Legacy” is a huge buzzword in today’s world. Everyone wants to do something that resonates throughout history. Then, while they’re working on their entry for TIME Magazine’s next “Greatest Leaders of the Century” edition, someone catches them in a scandal or a cover-up and, there you have it - legacy by default. De-fault of the guy acting without integrity.

We could no longer keep up with the costs of data storage and considering the consequences of the quantity of data stored online we have decided to operate our own dedicated server for hosting the BaCeleb database and website. It is small, it is slow and maybe even less safe as well, but the costs are significantly low and we are planning for long term so...

Life is a collection of precious memories and celebrated moments. Remembering and reflecting on your cherished memories provides options for personalizing a biography. Remembering a loved one, like all other aspects related to death, is a personal choice.


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An autobiography is a perspective of life that only its writer can provide. No matter how seemingly ordinary, or non-eventful your life may seem, there is a significance in your experience. Without some sort of record of the places you've been, and the people you've seen, all of that information dies with you. In a way, an autobiographical record of your life is a gift that you give to the world that formed you, leaving a perspective that only you can provide.

It is widely accepted that we do remember and keep record of politicians, writers, singers, sports people, artists our so called "celebrities", but let us rethink the significance of our life and view it from a different perspective. First of all we have to realize that every one of us during his life contributes with a significant impact to the society:

I would like to be remembered as a man who had a wonderful time living life, a man who had good friends, fine family - and I don't think I could ask for anything more than that, actually.

The death of a loved one is an event that all of us is likely to experience during our lifetimes, often on numerous occasions. Whilst lives are often transformed by such loss, it does not necessarily need to be for the worse in the long term. Dealing effectively and positively with grief caused by such a loss is central to your recovery process and your ability to continue with and fulfill your own life for the better.

55.3 million people die each year

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